Hampi….. Magical Landscape

If you are a regular visitor here; and there are many….. good to see you again….. or if this is your first visit, welcome. Regular visitors will, by now, be familiar with my enchantment with Hampi, Karnataka, India. This view, perhaps more than any other, encapsulates all that is magical about the place, for here we see the relationship most clearly between the unique and fantastic landscape and the fabulous architecture of Vijayanagar. This valley is located just to the south of Hampi village at the centre of this huge World Heritage Site and the pool and walkways are associated with the Sri Krishna Temple which is behind our viewpoint. Wandering through these huge piles of boulders is a rare experience, but then to come across, like here, the remains of Temples, Baths, and Stables is absolutely  fabulous.

4 thoughts on “Hampi….. Magical Landscape

    • Hi Dave, yes it’s a place I’ve been back to several times for the spectacular landscape of rocks and for the early temple sites here and the Badami area. Karnataka is well worth a visit.

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