Manxman’s Lake

On the south side of Kirkcudbright Bay in the lee of the wooded peninsula known as St Mary’s Isle there lies a wide tidal inlet known as Manxman’s Lake. The name almost certainly derives from the year 1507 when the Earl of Derby, brought a large fleet here from the Isle of Man and they attacked the town of Kirkcudbright, leaving it burning and in a ruinous state. Manxmen being the name given to the residents of the Isle of Man which is about 27 miles south west of Kirkcudbright Bay, in the middle of the Irish Sea.

This early summer view is taken from the Point of the Isle looking north towards Kirkcudbright which lies to the left of the Barrhill seen in the distance. Manxman’s Lake, here at low tide, is on the right.

9 thoughts on “Manxman’s Lake

  1. Do you know the opposite of homesick? This happens to me, everytime I see pictures of landscapes in Scotland. Very, very nice picture, John. Thanks so much for raising my motivation to come back to this beautiful country.

    • I live here, and still don’t get to see enough of the country….and I feel about India, the way you feel about Scotland.
      Thanks again for your comments Andreas.

      • Am not sure about India. Had a nightmare-time in Dehli. If ever, I’ll grab my backpack and do a tour through the countryside. But Scotland first. Am wondering, can you ever see enough of it? Cheers, Andreas

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