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Dusk Falls in Varanasi

Shopping in Varanasi

Some of my Favourite 2015 Portraits

Grandmother's Hands

Grandmother’s Hands

Village Elder

Young Villager

Young Villager

Corner Shrine

Corner Shrine

Three Lads of Rameshwar

Bathing the Baby

Some of my favourite 2015 Colour Images

My World

My Grandson

A Shy Girl

Passing By

In the Mirror

Village Portrait: Grandmother

Some Favourite 2015 Monochromes

Listen to Grandma

Woman in Red

Three at Rameshwar

The Green Room

Rameshwar: Uttar Pradesh

Village Elder

Mother & Daughter

Hair Care

Hair Care

Domestic Chores

Along the Ganges

My Son

Hold up in Varanasi

Varanasi Artisan