Dark Day

Dark Day


Though this picture breaks some exposure rules it somehow captures the atmosphere of this outdoor market in Glasgow, and the smoking chimney suggests a different age.

To me this is how the years of my youth felt, and even the moving figures seem frozen in time. It speaks of hard times too. This is the Barras, and I didn’t linger. I have another shot of a man lunging toward me in protest at my photography…..



9 thoughts on “Dark Day

  1. Brave man coming to The Barras 🙂 Not the friendliest of people. Surprised nobody tried to bargain your camera from you.

  2. Very brave! I try not to upset people with my camera, if anyone really objected, obviously I would delete the image. Generally though I find if I smile and give a thumbs up or a thank you, people generally just tolerate me!

    • It can be tricky and a couple of times I have been confronted with narrow minded people but 99% of the time as long as you smile and are friendly people are accepting. If you photograph in public places, no one can insist that you delete a picture, just back off and avoid further interaction if possible and be sensitive to your gut feelings about safety!

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