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Agra Portraits 11 : Taking a Tea Break

Dusty Bikes

Abbey Aisles

In Prince Khusro’s Tomb

Sweet Singing in the Choir

Courting at the tomb of Prince Khusro

Sweethearts at Sweetheart Abbey

Skeletal Sentinel

Taj People 11 : Adoring Parent

Taj People 8 : and the Architecture

Taj People 6 : Individual Portrait

Taj People 4 : A Group of Guys

Taj People 9 : Family Group

Taj People 5 : People Watching

Taj People 3 : Brothers

Taj People 2 : Colour

Taj People

Steaming round the Bend

Waiting for their Master

Fire Escape

Shore Sunset


Edge of the Loch


More Moody… !

Moody Landscape

Dark Wood


Mountain View