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Family Time

Manikarnika Ghat

Sunrise on the Ganges


Fires in the Night

Ganges Moorings

Happy Christmas


Ceremony of Aarti 2

Nightfall on the Ganges


Vintage Varanasi

Funerary Ghat

Ganges Dawn Light 2

Varanasi Panorama

Ganges Dawn Light 1

Ceremony of Aarti

4.35am on the Ganges

Hanging on at Phulpur

Approaching Janghai Junction

At the Crossing

Bagh Gate

Agra Portraits : School’s Over

Fatepur Portraits 7b : Monochrome Girl

Agra Portraits : The Baker’s Cart

Fatepur Portraits 5 : Architectural Study

Fatepur Portraits 3 : Woman in Blue

Fatepur Portrait 6 : Daily Devotions

Fatepur Portrait 2 : Resting Worshippers

Agra Portraits 3 : Crumbling Convent School