Agra Portraits : The Baker’s Cart

Agra Portraits - The Baker's Trolly


Hopefully the incidental details in this photo are sufficient to hold your attention.

On the cart there are packs of sliced bread and bread rolls, and off in the distance in red, is friend Alan. That’s the trouble with going places with friends. All you want to do is to stop and take photos. I lost my friends completely one day in Panjim in Goa. That was the day I met a very snarly dog. Not nice!

Apart from the details in this picture, the photographer in me enjoyed the pastel colours, the recession down the street, and the divisions and geometry of the composition.



4 thoughts on “Agra Portraits : The Baker’s Cart

        • 1 Chopped man’s legs off. 2. Confusion of overlapping figures in middle ground. 3. Couldn’t see what was on the cart He’s entitled to his opinion!
          I deliberately allowed his legs to cross the frame so that he was located hard in the foreground and became part of the framing of the view. Perhaps that’s somewhat unconventional and avant garde. If anything I didn’t chop enough off his legs. Composition is a balancing act. At least I had a clear intention with this one!

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