Agra Street Portraits


A further set of portraits from Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India, taken on 15 October 2015.



Agra Street Portrait 18

Agra Street Portrait 18.jpg


Complementary colours in an Agra flower stall.



Agra Street Portraits


Perhaps I’m over doing my Agra street photography, but the photographic opportunities were endless!



Agra Portrait 13


Agra Portrait 13.jpg


Alan and I were exploring the back streets of Agra and we came to this gentleman’s shop by a busy junction. I think that Alan went inside to ask directions but then noticed that the shop sold batteries and as he needed some for his camera this precipitated a rush through the traffic to the man’s ‘brother’s’ shop to locate the correct ones. It also gave me  some photos and a video of women chanting in a temple as dusk fell.



Taj People 10b

Taj People 10b.jpg


This wee lad was seen before with his family in my post on November 21.



Taj People: First Glimpse

Taj People - First Glimpse 2b.jpg


I like this picture for the way you can read the body language. The view is also the first that I had of the Taj Mahal.



Agra Beer Shop

Agra Beer Shop.jpg


One wonders why the man is not cleaning the front of his refrigerator rather sitting with his bare feet on top of them?




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