Jeanette Millar has an antique shop in Castle Street and is a keen collector of photographs and postcards of the area. In particular she has a very good collection of portraits of local people taken at school and on special occasions over many years.

I photographed Jeanette next to a hand tinted photograph that was taken of her when she was a child.



Macro Studies


Something different today to break out of my India cycle and get back to the here and now. These three macro shots were taken last week when we had a camera club workshop evening. My original intention was to use my tripod, but when I got there I couldn’t find the camera head so I had to take them all hand held. Despite the low light they came out well. Normally I don’t go in for this type of photography, but sometimes it’s good to go out on a limb and try something outside the comfort zone.



Waiting for a Trim

Waiting for a Trim


With a long queue waiting outside, these three are next in line for a haircut in the village barber’s shop in Vadgam, Gujarat, India.

November 2015



Family Pride

Family Pride


Children are special and it shows in this man’s face.



At Home in Vadgam

At Home in Vadgam


I wish everyone that I attempt to photograph looked as relaxed as the woman in today’s portrait. There’s an intensity and warmth in her stare and she seems totally unfazed by my intrusion into her home.

Thanks Ma’am.



Fruit & Vegetable Seller

Fruit & Vegetable Seller


Here, we have the scene in the small market square of Vadgam in Gujarat, where this man was selling a tempting display of fresh fruit and vegetables. He was surrounded by an eager crowd of women, who were ready with money in hand awaiting their turn. It seemed to be a bit of a social occasion as well as a chance to stock up for the evening meal.



Two Interiors

On the VerandahHouse Interior


Two very different interiors from our visit to Vadgam near Dasada in Gujarat in November 2015.




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