Wishing you Goodbye, ….Hello, Goodbye

Bonnie Galloway


Time to sail away…….

Though not gone for good!

After 2,070 posts and many thousands of visitors over the five years, it’s time to say goodbye to this window on my world, though I will leave it open so that late comers can find out where I have disappeared to.

I am replacing this version of Life, Photography & Other Mistakes, otherwise known as smithiesshutter, with a new blog, and you can find it here….


I have enjoyed the journey and we have visited many different places together. Thank you to my faithful friends and followers, your friendship and comments have helped to carry me along over the years and have been overwhelmingly encouraging.

You will find the details about the above picture on my new blog.

Incidentally, the new blog uses a different format and I have yet to master its intricacies, so you may find some parts are incomplete….sorry about that!

So here we go, sailing off into the sunset….. Goodbye…..and hopefully, hello!

Best regard




Fragmented Facade

Fragmented Facade


My picture library here at WordPress is almost full and this may be my last new image upload until I decide what to do. I could just repost from my early images, after all there are over 2000 of them, or I could fork out some cash for an upgrade. ….. or I could set up a  Life, Photography & Other Mistakes, version 2….

Or I could just say goodbye……



Dark Day

Dark Day


Though this picture breaks some exposure rules it somehow captures the atmosphere of this outdoor market in Glasgow, and the smoking chimney suggests a different age.

To me this is how the years of my youth felt, and even the moving figures seem frozen in time. It speaks of hard times too. This is the Barras, and I didn’t linger. I have another shot of a man lunging toward me in protest at my photography…..



Central Circulation

Central Circulation


It often surprises me that with a few editing steps we can be taken back to the feel of earlier times, and this reminds me of Picture Post, a marvellous weekly picture magazine of the 1950s.

The scene was taken at Glasgow Central Station.





We often walk here and this is a March view on the path that follows the shore at Mossyard by the Fleet Bay.



Andrew Matheson


Andrew Matheson is a potter and a member of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists. I was fortunate to be able to visit his studio in the centre of Lichfield a couple of weeks ago.






The sand and rocks catch the light along the West shore of Fleet Bay, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland.



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