Mannikin & Kids!


Pushkar in Rajasthan, although only a small town, proved to be a great location for photographing people in the busy and narrow streets. Street photography is by its very nature a fairly hit and miss affair and is usually done with tight time constraints and often with difficult lighting and unsuitable backgrounds.

The monochrome photo of the children seemed to organise itself, and the raised ground allowed for a slightly different arrangement from just a straight line.

The photo of the boy and mannikin I would be happy to go back and take again but it does present an interesting paradox about commerce and the market place.






As you can see, Pushkar is a pretty place. In fact the whole of Rajasthan is wonderful, and there are many places there that I have yet to explore. Blogging friend Rajiv recommends Bundi and Kota, while Mukul has recently explored the gorge on the River Chambal in his wonderful blog Enchanted Forests.



Pushkar Portrait

Pushkar Portrait


This man was amongst a group sitting at the side of the street playing cards.




Pushkar Scenes


Views and street scenes along the quiet lanes of Pushkar in Rajasthan taken last October while on a months tour of North India.

Have you ever considered how towns like this might have evolved if town planners had had a hand in their development? Now they are probably insanitary. They are no doubt dangerous….notice the dangling electricity cable in the last view, and the building standards are probably poor, especially considering that North India does suffer from earthquakes, but they are picturesque in the extreme.

Twenty-first Century living is generally safe and comfortable but that has come at a cost to neighbourhood living and the character of towns…..and there’s little appeal, or fun, in modern architecture and town planning. Shame I say!



Double Portrait

Double Portrait

Wandering the narrow streets is always interesting though sometimes the nature of the place makes taking photos difficult because you can’t always step far enough back to capture the entire scene. Here there was no problem and these kids were willing stand and wait for me to get my picture. The colour picture is probably better but here is the mono version for now.

I have the impression that school age children in Pushkar speak less English than their counterparts in Kerala and Karnataka though that maybe because the villages and towns in the South see fewer tourists, and so people are more enthusiastic about chatting and trying out their English.



Playing the Game



….and if one of my Indian friends can tell me what the game is that they are playing, it would be illuminating!

Photo taken at Pushkar in Rajasthan, India, in October 2015.



Jain Temple – Pushkar

Jain Temple - Pushkar


There’s a large modern Jain temple just outside Pushkar, but this one is in the town and despite some research I can’t find anything about it, so if Rajiv or Mukul can help out, I would appreciate it. Pushkar is full of interesting architecture and this monochrome brings out the structural details rather better than the original colour version.




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