Roadside Shop

Roadside Shop


I visited this shop next to the bus stop in Kattikulum, Wyanad, India after a misty morning walk as the sun streamed through the palm trees and the day started to warm up. On the walk I met a man taking his cow to pasture and school children setting out to catch the bus.

Rural India is delightful, especially at dawn when the world gradually comes to life at the start of a new day.



Still Life

Grocery Store


A photo taken at the Victorian Town at Blists Hill open air museum at Ironbridge on the River Seven in Shropshire, England.



Shopping in Pushkar

Shopping in Pushkar


A street scene on the outskirts of Pushkar, Rajasthan, India where a vegetable seller jokes with a smiling customer.





Mettupalayam Engine Shed

On Shed 2


A second view of the steam engine of the Nilgiri Mountain Railway standing in the engine shed at Mettupalayam. On my next visit it would be good to experience the uphill journey into the mountains which the train takes at about 15 miles an hour up the rack sections.

The railway was built to the metre gauge by the British in 1908 and recently three new steam locomotives have been constructed to work the line so hopefully the sounds and smells of working steam engines will continue to echo through the hills of South India.



Young Musicians


Three more black and white images taken at the morning rehearsal for the Féis An Iar-Dheas. A Gaelic music, dance and drama festival.



On Shed

On Shed


The Nilgiri Mountain Railway in Tamil Nadu is a part rack and pinion line owing to the ruling gradient of 1/25 and it runs from Mettupalayam through Coonoor to Udagamandalam. (Ooty)

At present the steam engines work the section from Mettupalayam to Coonoor with diesels taking the train up to the summit at Ooty. The line reaches an elevation of 7228 ft, climbing over 6000 ft through the Nigiri Hills.

This picture was taken on a November evening in 2013 in Mettupalayam after we had travelled down the route from Ooty. With the fading light, and the need to drive to Mysore, my snapping was done in a hurry. It’s an area that I would love to visit again, but at a more leisurely pace.





A couple of weeks ago I was asked to take some photos for a Gaelic music festival and here are some of the rehearsal pictures. This was a difficult challenge for me as I never use flash and prefer working with natural light, so these indoor shots were always going to be touch and go, especially later when the kids were moving around in drama and dance.

More to follow.



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