Sweethearts at Sweetheart Abbey

Sweethearts at Sweetheart Abbey


We had stopped off to visit Sweetheart Abbey, and while Toby the dog went for a walk with my wife, I spent some time taking photos of the abbey, As I was coming away two young people appeared. They were it seems, in the first flushes of romance…..you can tell, can’t you….and I asked if I could take a picture of two sweethearts at Sweetheart Abbey….lovely!



Skeletal Sentinel

Skeletal Sentinel


A visit to Shambellie House yesterday in order to view two photography exhibitions entailed passing through New Abbey.

Here stands the fine remains of a Cistercian monastery that was established in 1275. It survived in use for nearly 400 years and now over 700 years after it was built it is still an impressive building. It is known as Sweetheart Abbey because it was built by Lady Devorgilla of Galloway in memory of her husband John Balliol.



Taj People 11 : Adoring Parent

Taj People 11: Adoring Parent


A loving and happy look, and who wouldn’t with such a beautiful daughter in such a wonderful place.



Taj People 8 : and the Architecture

Taj People 8: and the Architecture


People stand, perhaps in awe, and in this view it’s possible to join them in appreciating the scale of that majestic building, even though we can see only a small part of it in this crop.

Once again, the irregular way in which the people have grouped themselves creates a tension that conflicts with the symmetry of that grand architectural statement.



Taj People 6 : Individual Portrait

Taj People 6: Individual Portrait


It’s clear, I’m sure, that I have just asked this beautiful woman if I can take her photograph. What’s not clear is the fact that I was in so much of a fumble to capture her image that the first photo was completely out of focus mainly because I was a little embarrassed at her agreeing, so that I grabbed at the shot before the camera had time to focus. To her credit she returned to the same position when asked, and maintained that calm expression in the face of an incompetent foreign photographer.

The picture was taken inside the Taj Mahal.



Taj People 4 : A Group of Guys

A Group of Guys


The Taj Mahal is a beautifully planned and formal place where the symmetry of the site supports the refined balance of the architecture.

So what I love about this view is the broken rhythms and asymmetry of the group of young men as they strut their stuff and pose for their photos.



Taj People 9 : Family Group

Taj People: Family Group


My apologies to this friendly couple and their son. You gave me your email address so that I could send your photos, but, as yet, I haven’t found where I wrote it down, sorry!




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