Pushkar Streets

Pushkar Streets


A fragment of a life lived daily on the streets of Pushkar.



Pushkar Panorama

Pushkar Panorama

Bagga Singh, our driver, stands patiently waiting while ‘the old people’ wander around taking their holiday snaps.

I remember this day well as I had a streaming nose and quickly got irritated by people telling me not to take photographs and to take off my shoes. Bagga just stood back while we had a shouting match with a pesky puja merchant.



Oasis Restaurant

Oasis Restaurant


Though highly decorated and with considerable artistry, this photo suggests that the Oasis Restaurant is a somewhat cold and impersonal place, though, no doubt, when a coach party arrives from nearby Ajmer it will soon get a-buzzin’!

Shame about the green graffiti. It’s not seen often very often in India, thank goodness.



Pushkar to Ajmer Road

Pushkar to Ajmer Road


Landscape scenes don’t appear very regularly here, so I offer this one as relief from the portraits and architecture.

People pics will be back tomorrow……



Pushkar Street Scene 1

Pushkar Street Scene 1

Just an exercise in formal elements……structure, division, scale, tonality, contrast, colour, pattern, rhythm, and detail.

Oh, and of course, the subject matter…..architecture and human presence…..





Pilgrims in Pushkar.



Just Staring!

Pushkar Street Scene 2


Monochrome man staring off into the distance……


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