Engines at Chittorgarh

Engines at Chittorgarh


Chittorgarh is in the Indian State of Rajasthan and is famous for its wonderful hill top fort and is well worth a visit.

In August of 1997 I had travelled to Rajkot to see what I thought was the last remaining steam service on the metre gauge lines of Indian Railways, when the railwaymen at Wankaner Junction told me about the service still running from Chittor to Mhow.

I would have travelled on this service but somehow they told me the wrong time for the morning departure going south, and as I walked along the tracks in plenty of time to catch the train, the only glimpse of it I had was as it chuffed off into the distance.

Fortunately my two visits to the engine shed to the south of the station made up for that disappointment. Once again the railway staff were very welcoming and even gave me a ride along the yard to the turntable on one of the steam engines, as well as taking me back to the station on the diesel yard shunter.

This shot is a scan copy from the colour negative film that I used on this visit to India.



7 thoughts on “Engines at Chittorgarh

  1. Great memories. There is something about the power and the energy that goes along with large steam engines. Back in the early 70s I directed a small general museum that had a non-operating Baldwin 2-4-2 steam engine and trailing cars. I interviewed a number of engineers, firemen and other workmen who worked the rail lines between Jacksonville, Florida and Savanna, Georgia. Fascinating to hear their stories.

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