Village Shop

Soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste, extension cables, eggs, lightbulbs……….. these are just a few of the items available from the Ganesh store in the village of Aihole, Karnataka.

The owner reads his newspaper while waiting for his mid morning customers……..



21 thoughts on “Village Shop

    • Thanks Adrian, it was very difficult to decide how much to leave and how much to crop. In the end I decided to crop only a little because I too liked the busy disorganised complexity of it. I like your old man post for today on your interesting blog.

  1. I really love the juxtaposition of contrasting elements in this shot. For example, the simplicity of certain geometric shapes within the crop (floor, ceiling, walls and wooden frames) with the complexity of shapes in the stacked / hanging merchandise. The calmness of the shopkeepers pose and demeanour combined with the general sense of chaos with all the colours / shapes packed into a small space. Also, (my favourite bit of all) – is your decision with the colour saturation. I love how it is both subtle and colourful – this is what attracted me instantly. To my mind, it is the perfect choice for this particular image. Lovely!

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