Hoar Frost

Hoar Frost


After having posted five images of a wonderful and hot India, here is a 2009 photo taken on a visit to a very cold and frosty Clatteringshaws Loch which is about 25 miles north from Kirkcudbright. Heavy frosts such as this are quite rare and it was fortunate that plans were already afoot to visit this area, because normally you wouldn’t get me out of bed on such a cold morning.

I think that this image is quite strong and in your face….. a sort of no holds barred, and uncompromising “I’m here, and I’m not moving” kind of stance. I put that down to the square-on viewpoint, the close cropping so that the wall and fence post dominate the frame, and the way that the structures align to divide the composition.

I love the neutral coloration that winter brings to photography and I have helped this somewhat by the use of a filter.

Did you see the news item about how scientists are unsettled by the fact that the sun is going into a phase of ‘solar lull’. The last time this happened when sunspots almost disappeared and solar flares were rare was in the seventeenth century.  The result was a mini ice age in northern Europe when the Thames was frozen for weeks.

Hmmm…….perhaps I should just post photos of India……and dig out the bed socks.



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