Winding Wall

Winding Wall


I seem to have started a short series of winter themed pictures here on smithiesshutter, so here is the second post on the theme of Winter Walls. This is also the second appearance of this particular image. It first appeared back in January 2012 and results from a need to collate some of my favourite photos for a project. In doing this I have re-edited it using my evolving approach to image editing, so this new version is altogether darker.

My approach to editing often seeks to create a sense of imminence where tension is created through an air of expectation that something is about to happen. This can give a sense of unease to the picture. The mood is suggestive of an evening light and the wall meanders in a slightly drunken fashion into the barrier of trees. What part does that small stone play in the drama?

Answers on a postcard……



10 thoughts on “Winding Wall

  1. John, if may, I’m just beginning to catch up on your older posts and am finding your offerings a real treat.

    Personally I find that a blend of photographs and writing can often strengthen both. I find the blanket statement that a picture should be able to stand on its own simplistic in the extreme. There is a long tradition of fine photographers who also are/were fine writers. Stieglitz, Evans, Weston come immediately to mind, and I’m certain you could add many more.

    To the point; I enjoy your writing AND your photographs. Thanks for both.

    • Hello Steven, I’m so pleased that you paused to make contact. I have had a quick gander at you lovely blog and there is much there to enjoy. Thanks for the kind comments. I love the work of those fine photographers that you mention, and I strive to emulate them……and my blog has certainly challenged me to improve my photography. Will visit yours again soon.
      Regards, John.

  2. Beautiful, indeed…with an old Roman mile-marker to boot… my imagination and wondering, anyway. I would love to spend an afternoon and early evening there…early morning, too.

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