Winter Hill Pasture


Since starting out doing a daily post in January this year my ideas about photography and picture making have changed quite a lot. Those of you that push yourselves to update your blog regularly; and it does take time, effort and quite a bit of thought; must have found the same. This has obviously made an impact on my camera work. I think that I see images or the potential for an image more readily now, so that my work with the camera is more productive and I tend to come back with sets of photos that are more focussed on a particular quality that I saw in the subject.

Then, during the course of this year, I tackled the HDR technique after seeing fellow bloggers coming up with some stunning pictures. This has given me a new enthusiasm for my work, and although I quite often don’t use HDR multiple exposures……….it’s a pain, and sometimes just inconvenient to take a tripod……..I feel that I have a renewed interest for tackling different subject matter.

I have a huge and chaotic collection of photos. Sometimes trying to find particular sets takes ages, and so often I get waylaid by other stuff I had forgotten about…………..and herein lies an issue that I just hadn’t thought about before. If you don’t process your images straight away you forget what made you take them………..oh, yes, I suppose with most of them it’s staringly obvious why, but often, when I take some pictures, I have an idea about how I’m going to process them.

This is an important issue with me now because I tend to do a lot more processing than I used to do, so finding the time to work on recent sets should be more of a priority. Equally, in going through the back catalogue, I frequently discover pictures that I had overlooked or rejected which now shout out for a transfiguration. So I think, that in doing this blog, my  taste and views have changed.

This picture is one such. It was taken near Clatteringshaws Loch and hopefully you will think that it says something. It certainly is transfigured, and in bringing it to life I have discovered something by accident that I hope to explore in future picture making. All this brings me to the point where I started. Pictures are made……… the mind, in the camera, and on the editing desk.



11 thoughts on “Winter Hill Pasture

  1. John,

    I love this photo. I also like the way that you share your thoughts and your feelings with us as you develop (god, what an awful pun!) your work. I look forward to sharing the journey… Andy

    • Thanks Andy, a bit of dodging and burning is all that’s necessary to improve my photography…..dodging the washing up and burning piles of out of focus prints…..and the only thing developing is RSI in my mouse hand……as for the journey……..that’s been most enjoyable….Ha!

      Great to hear from you….

  2. I like the photo but I like your words even more on this occasion. If I could translate my thoughts half as well as you do I would be a happy man. Thanks for this blog.

    • Thanks so much Ki, I do enjoy rambling on, and sometimes, perhaps, it makes sense. Most times I have no idea what I’m going to write… I set off in the hope that the journey will be interesting, and the destination………well it’s rather like a mystery tour….and sometimes…..the destination can be unexpected.

  3. I love the lines and light in this photo… and completely agree on several things in your posting.. I too have a VERY chaotic filing system , or rather lack of and I am always coming across photos that I have forgotten about .. ( still have lots of Scotland ones) because I take FAR too many still.. My mouse hand is also developing RSI or actually more in my shoulder.

    • It’s too late for me to do anything about filing….images need tagging….and that would take years. RSI in my shoulder I think may be too much scrolling with the middle finger.

  4. It’s a beautiful photograph, John…I love the earth-tones, the bit of frost (?), and the cows and the fence…all wonderful…I can almost smell the crisp air with the hint of vegetation.

    I enjoyed your words about photographing, as well…thank you for your thoughts….

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