Summertime in Whitby

Summertime………and it’s the holiday season, and the sun is shining and all is well with the world……for a short while anyway. A couple sit and take in the view across the harbour toward the West Cliff on an English summer’s day of old when kids played on the sand with their bucket and spade, though, wait a minute………the beach is almost empty……….perhaps it’s because the east coast is having one of its ‘bracing’ days when there’s a cool wind off the North Sea. Well, never mind, there are plenty of attractions in the town and the amusement arcades will be busy. Whitby is a lovely and unspoiled Yorkshire town. If you visit, be sure to call in at the Sutcliffe Gallery where you can admire the images of Whitby photographer Frank Meadow Sutcliffe who worked here between 1875 and 1910.



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