Follow me…..

“Follow me” he’d said, “I will prove it to you,” and we walked out of the courtyard into the cool evening air.

Since then, he’d led the way in silence, and in what I thought to be a westerly direction. The chill air was still and dank, and the mossy ground was deadening the sound as we walked. Darkness had closed in over the forest now and the lights from the house were no longer visible behind us; there was no light to be seen in any direction.

“Where are we going?” I said, but he pressed on, ignoring me.

The ground had been rising all the way, and the birch and oak woodland was giving way to the conifers of a plantation. Underfoot was now a carpet of pine needles.

A mist was forming and in our torchlight it swirled ominously.

There was a sudden loud crack to our left and we both jumped and directed our two beams of light towards the sound but it was reflected back by a dense bank of white mist.

Then we caught sight of two eyes glowing in the darkness.

“Huh,” he said, “this place gives me the creeps”

The small deer turned quickly, disappearing into the darkness along the path ahead.

I stopped by a fallen tree, and for the second time, and rather more loudly than I had intended, said, “Where are you taking me?”

He looked back with growing irritation.

I’d had enough of his silence “This is as far as I go, dam you,”

He grabbed my arm and pulled me forward, “You said you wanted proof…”

“Let go of me.”……. “I’m going back” , his torch flashed, momentarily blinding me……….and as I turned he hit me with it.

Then everything went dark.



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