On Naoshima


Unless our friends in Japan say to the contrary I believe this harbour view is on the island of Naoshima in the Seto Inland Sea and follows on from my post of October 19.

A blushing Japanese style interpretation. There are times when the interpretation takes over from reality…….which does worry me………….how far can I go before it becomes an artifice…?

But then what I write is often all jackanory……….and when I start to change my images of the world, I do wonder if I have a God complex……….



4 thoughts on “On Naoshima

  1. But you have written at length about the liberty that artists and photographers have/take in representing the world as they see it, or as they would see it…so does your manipulation of the images confirm that you have such a complex, or does it speak of your vision as an artist…or are those simply two ways of saying the same thing…? 😉

    • Hi Damian, I looked at all the possibly sailing routes and distances as well as the satellite views and thought that Naoshima fitted the bill. There’s another view coming up later today.
      Hope you and the family are well……regards, John.

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