The Studio


There’s something totally satisfying about a lump of clay; its plasticity, the feeling of it between your fingers, and the sound of it as you smack it onto the wheel. You brace your forearm and gently push your palm against the rhythm of its oscillation, trying match its pushing with your gentle shoving until it centres and flows smoothly against your hand. Then comes the totally sensual feel as you force your wet fingers into the middle of the revolving lump and the clay slides apart………..and with two fingers of one hand inside and and the other hand bridged across on the outside you gently lift the spinning body of clay and it flows organically, taking a new form in a slow fluid caress ……..

A view in David Alexander’s studio, Kirkpatrick Durham, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland.



3 thoughts on “The Studio

  1. When I saw the title of your post in my in-box, I wondered if you’d be sitting with your potter friend…. Thank you for the words describing his art…I hope to see his hands in the clay soon…. I’m sure it will be a beautiful photograph….

      • Well this is just as rich, John…you know the words above because they are truly yours, you understand the clay and the motion and you have the body memories of working it…. Wonderful…. Maybe someone would make a photo of you at the wheel then…. 🙂

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