Carlingwark Loch

Carlingwark Loch


This was the first outing for my, then, new Olympus OM-D E5 micro four thirds camera.

I feel that this camera has changed my photography for the better and over the last two years it has helped me to tackle subject matter that I wouldn’t have considered before. That includes street photography and particularly street portraiture. The smaller camera is a bonus for street photography and I now would not consider travelling abroad with my heavy DSLR.

Also transformed has been my growing confidence with image editing. A process that helps intensify the mood and atmosphere of subject matter such as this misty day at Carlingwark Loch.




13 thoughts on “Carlingwark Loch

  1. Your work always stops me in my tracks. This is incredible – sooo lovely and thought-provoking. I could sit right there for hours. Well done! Oh, I DID bring my heavy DSLR to Scotland and while it definitely was a pain in my rear end I captured images that would have been impossible without it. Maybe I should consider looking into that wee camera, eh? Lovely image!

  2. I do love this haunting image very much, but those seven small blobs top right drag my eye away from the composition, have you considered a removal of them?

    • Hi my friend. I do hope that you have both enjoyed your long vacation.
      I still debate whether to remove the floats in the water. My present feeling is that they help to define the surface plane of the water and also help to balance the composition, but until I actually try removing them I shall never know. If this were ever to be printed I would do some more work on it, like you do! Thanks very much Lesley, for the prompt which is filed for future consideration.

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