Dhoon Bay

Dhoon Bay


Recent stormy weather at The Dhoon. A high tide searches out every inlet, cutting back the sand and soil that has collected around the roots of trees, and bombarding those exposed roots with small stones and rocks. The fine sand where children brought their bucket and spade to dig and make castles, or where they wrote their names in four foot high letters: that sand has migrated into the field behind the beach to escape the pounding of the waves and is mixed with swathes of driftwood, seaweed and rocks thrown there by force of wind and water. We walk that beach trying to remember what it looked like before the storm, trying to make our way between rocks that are jumbled and bare where once smooth sand eased our steps.

Sometimes the familiar places suddenly become unfamiliar and we have to learn new paths …..




6 thoughts on “Dhoon Bay

  1. Weather does cause the familiar to have a whole different look, doesn’t it?
    This photo is incredible (do I always use that word with your photos?). So many variations of B&W

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