Porthleven Character

Porthleven Character



We spent some time in Cornwall in April, a lovely county, is Cornwall, with a rocky coast and pretty little fishing villages.

I had arranged to meet the subject of tomorrow’s post in the Ship Inn in Porthleven at eleven, but she was delayed, so while waiting I plucked up courage to photograph this weathered seafarer, and the natural light in the bar proved sufficient for a candid portrait.



21 thoughts on “Porthleven Character

  1. Oh dear… I feel fear n trepidation tomorrow! I like this portrait great eye contact, it was a good window, I know this seasalt too, will show him next time we get down there…

  2. Stunning! the contrast between the light and dark background really makes the picture pop out at you. The shadowing on the right side of his face creates a mystery about him. I’m glad you had the courage to ask and then share it. Thanks

    • Sometimes you can’t help yourself……this face appears in front of you and before you know it you have blurted out the request and fired the shot…..the thing is, the lighting makes it, so it’s always a bonus when the context and the subject come together at one and the same time.

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