A photo of fellow blogger Lesley Treloar. We met in the Ship Inn, Porthleven, and here, Lesley is dreaming of India……though I actually think that she was dreaming of France on the day we met because she was almost ready for departure, and to the best of my knowledge, she is still there, enjoying the realaxed atmosphere of deepest rural Lower Normandy. She says of her stay in Basse-Normandie, ‘This may change my destiny’.

Lesley is an excellent photographer. See for yourself at her WordPress website, where you can view not only her recent work taken in France, but also some of her excellent and interesting photos of India.



17 thoughts on “Lesley

  1. Lovely portrait. My feeling is that an improvement would be made by taking away the bright light in the window. It looks like a reflection in a vase and draws you towards it – and it is not important. Tone down the orange bits too . Thinking competition here! I really like this one!

    • Hi Mary, and thanks very much…..I toned down the light area but didn’t want to get rid of it altogether….perhaps I should. The orange bits have to go though. I was a bit radical with this and added to the image format on both sides….fairly easy with a dark picture.

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