Moonlit Loch


Clatteringshaws Loch given a mono toning as a quick fix so that I can go to a talk about wetplate collodian photography in Dumfries tonight. It was a process invented by Frederick Scott Archer in 1851 and was in use until the 1880s when the dry plate became widely available.



16 thoughts on “Moonlit Loch

    • That’s right……….it’s a trick I stole from those photographers of old when they passed off daylight shots as moonlit ones……..all slight of hand………fraudulent really…… 😉

      • I think you might have done a similar thing with another photograph…the one with the shadowed castle in the background and the boat (with a motor) at dock in the foreground….maybe? At any rate, you performed some beautiful magic here, John…fraudulent or not. 🙂

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