Watching the Sun go down

Wherever we are on the planet, we can take the time to stand and watch the sun set, and appreciate the beauty of the event. Here a small group of tourists wait on a rocky outcrop as the sun descends into the haze over the strange landscape of Hampi in India. Behind us a scampered game of soccer is taking place in the temple courtyard where the monks relax before darkness falls.  Far off, the sound of a small flock of crows carries in the still air and nearby can be heard the chittering of some monkeys. The air is hot and humid, so there’s no incentive to walk back down the hill just yet. The day is nearly over. It’s time to sit and reflect.



7 thoughts on “Watching the Sun go down

  1. What a great inspirational photograph. “As the sun sets this evening around the world, I hope everyone takes a moment to sit quietly in front of their computers and reflect.” (Note: 11 years ago on September 11, 2001, here in the United States, many lost their lives to the 9/11 disaster).

    • It’s funny. When you’re there you are so busy rushing about with the camera that it’s only afterwards when you look at the picture do you begin to appreciate what you could have experienced while you were there.

      • I have felt the same way with some of my hikes into the canyons and mountains…I guess we really need to slow down sometimes and appreciate what’s before us without the pressing thought of capturing it for later…although it’s so rewarding to be able to take it home with us…. I’m sure there’s a balance somewhere….

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