Castle by Moonlight

…….. O.K…….. you know its not really by moonlight………..but give me the option of pretending that it is………. just try believing that I went out into the dark, dark night, where bats swoop low and a sudden noise from the side of the path makes you jump, and you stand in something soft and smelly, and from up ahead you can hear the slap and gurgle of the water against the boat, and then you step onto the wet timber of the jetty………… oops, this bit of dreaming will have us all falling in the river if we’re not too careful…….can you sense the shock of the cold, cold water as it closes over your head …………..doesn’t that always happen in dreams.

So, ………the truth is far more mundane. This is a four picture HDR combination taken last week at Threave Castle and the boat takes you across the River Dee to the island on which stands the castle.



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