Lowran Glen

You will be aware, if you are a very welcome regular here, that I have only just recently started to experiment with combining multiple exposures to produce images with a high dynamic range (HDR). Yesterday a couple of friends and I visited this lovely location on the west side of Loch Ken and we were fortunately blessed with a summer’s day……. today, on the other hand there are flood alerts all over the UK.

Above is the full frame photo that has been merged using Photomatix Pro. I think that I’m starting to make some progress now in making images that are closer to a single exposure in quality, and with less of the cataclysmic feel that some HDR images demonstrate………. which was the reason why I have for so long rejected HDR as a way forward in my own photography. I’m enthralled here by the botanical detail that these photos are capable of rendering.

Because the resolution of the images on my blog is substantially reduced in comparison with the originals, I have  done a detail crop, shown below, which gives a better impression of the quality. I am getting excited by the possibilities of this technique!

13 thoughts on “Lowran Glen

  1. Wonderful composition; a textbook example of leading lines. The detail is excellent, which is why I’m experimenting with HDR also. (My first results may have irradiated the neighbors, but I’ve since toned it down.)

  2. Beautiful photographs, John…. Makes my heart ache to look at them…what a treasure to be out there in the flesh, beholding such scenery…wonderful.

    • Yes, Scott, a little corner of paradise……………….. and so many possible pictures, I turned and fell over a rock. Fortunately didn’t land on the camera. I could go back every day and find something different to take. Must be like that on those fabulous trails that you have shown us.

      • Must be careful out there, Sir John…and I understand that completely…everywhere I turn out there…so many wonderful images just waiting….

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