A few friends and I had planned a photo-shoot for this morning and we experienced a very unusual phenomenon. The sky was a very strange colour, blue, would you believe!  and there was this bright glowing disc that was shining like a searchlight across Dumfries & Galloway. Perhaps this is what people refer to as the Summer. Confirmation is awaited.

We visited a favourite place of mine; the Lowran Falls that cascade down the northern edge of Bennan Hill before entering Loch Ken. I suppose the downside of the full realisation of Summer might be that there will be less water flowing down Lowran Glen…. but I doubt it!



12 thoughts on “Lowran

  1. NIce job John, I’ve never really had a go at trying to capture the water flowing thing that you have done so beautifully.. on my lists of “to learn” and the summer hasn’t arrived here in Cambridgeshire.. we’ve got torrential rain!

    • Hi Helen, thanks, this was a blend of five pics and even the ‘correct’ exposure was 1/4 sec and shortest shutter speed was 1/10 sec and that was giving blur. I think we all should do ‘rain’ as a theme, don’t you!

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