On the Rocks in Brighouse Bay

Time is strange. Times are strange too, but time, and the passing thereof is very odd. We live in this continuum of actuality and only rarely do we see like the camera. Today, I saw.

This version of reality was taken on 6 March and it occurred in 0.3 of a second, but I didn’t see it, as it appears here, I saw the waves rushing in; nearly catching my feet. So clearly a time exposure, even as short as 0.3 sec, sees things differently.

….. but today, I saw. We stood in the brilliant sunshine ….. Oh Joy! the first sunshine for a whole week! ……..we stood in the sunshine by the caul on the Nith in Dumfries. The caul is a weir: the water cascading over it in a rapid foaming blur. To my eye it was a blur, but if I followed the water with my eye as it danced down the face of the sloping caul, it was no longer blurred and I could clearly see, what a moment before I could not. I had seen like the camera sees at 1/200 sec. Remarkable. Follow the motion with your eyes like panning a camera and it has exactly the same affect.

So here we are in Brighouse Bay. A nice spot. The Caul in Dumfries? Perhaps another day.


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