Shared Smirnoff ….. Virginia Street, Glasgow

When you are all fired up with camera in hand you have a tendency to leap upon subject matter with the exuberance of a butterfly collector brandishing a net.

This is especially so when two of you go out with but a single purpose. ‘This one’s mine!’ you might yell, frightening the pigeons.

Of course I went too far and ‘bagged’ one poor fellow who was quietly leaning against a wall reading a novel. ‘Too far’ because Simon, my companion in a sunny Glasgow today, has made a collection of ‘people reading in the street’.

It must be very unnerving when two photographers sneak up behind you with shutters snapping in unison. Fortunately he was only slightly phased. It must have been a good novel!

So this image was ‘bagged’ in Virginia Street. It was a Smirnoff bottle ….. with two straws! How romantic.



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