It’s Modern Art

It's Modern Art


Just playing around.

Since I claim it to be Modern Art, perhaps I should grace it with an ‘artspeak’ justification.

“Here, smithiesshutter is inverting the normal resolving power of his lens and by creating variable blurring and distortion and thus influencing how we view the image as we search for focus points to rest our eye. The subtle nuances of blur and graduated greyscale and the suggestion of motion blur is redolent of the experimental work of the surrealists as well as the photograms of Man Ray. There is a suggestion here that the photographer has the desire to break free from traditional constraints in referencing dream like states and by association, the threat of nightmare fragmentation of experience.”

I believe that the inverse square law is applicable here insofar as the longer the artist diatribe, the more mundane is the work. Guilty as charged.



13 thoughts on “It’s Modern Art

  1. Have you ever blurred pictures by moving the camera around while it takes a picture? Anyway, interesting article. I really like the sarcasm in the title of the blog, even though I disagree.

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