Coonoor Signals

Coonoor Signals


It was just a joy to come across a railway that was fully semaphore signalled…..this is the proper way to do it.

In my youth I often visited several locations on the West Coast Main Line in the UK, and the excitement would rise as the signalman pulled off his signals and from the distance we would catch sight of a wisp of white steam and then hear the growing roar of an express in full cry, thundering north on a down Scotch express and then bursting out from beneath the nearest bridge with the sound echoing back from cutting sides and station buildings. As it passed the roar of the engine would be overtaken by the clattering of the coaches and as it faded off into the distance there would be the clatter as the signals returned to danger, and we would wait for the next, passing the time by underlining the locomotive number in our notebooks.

A steam locomotive at speed is a stunning sound and a visual delight. I can still hear that sound in my head, and smell the smoke……….long pause for thought…..



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