Sunlit Rock

Sunlit Rock


Mossyard Coast series 3/5.

It’s been pouring down all day today and as I type this I can hear the waves of rain pattering across the roof window. Tomorrow it’s more of the same.

So when you get a perfect afternoon, like we had last Sunday when these photos were taken, you have to make the most of the opportunity.

I wanted this little rock, that was being exposed as the tide went out, to really pop. I had set the camera to take three exposures at different settings and then merged them using Photomatix Pro. Then there was much adjustment and rebalancing of the tones because if you’re not careful all the tones can be evened out. The soft and sharp focus was also adjusted which forces you to linger on the sharpest detail rather than on the slightly more fuzzy bits. As you probably know I frequently like to slightly desaturate images and then I put back the full saturation on the centre of the rock. The cropping helps to locate the main subject and I like the way the image sits in space just behind the frame.

More from this part of the coast tomorrow.



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