Calangute Bar in Green

Calangute Bar in Green



Green seems to be a popular colour for shops in India and I have at least another five pictures posted on the blog that show the use of green in shops or on houses. It’s an odd choice because it competes with the products that are being sold, but I love the no holds barred, full saturation of the colour.

Indian Green is the colour of the lower band of the Indian National Flag and the colour, according to an entry in Wikipedia, represents fertility and prosperity.

I came across these four cheerful men while out on a night time shopping expedition in Calangute and couldn’t resist taking a photo of their brightly painted shop.

If you are keen to explore the other ‘green’ photos they can be found by doing searches for Artisan, Flower Shop, Shop in Pattakadal, The Green Room, and Green Door. The ‘Search’ box can be found at the top of the righthand side bar.



3 thoughts on “Calangute Bar in Green

  1. Definitely GREEN. I wonder what a person’s response would be, if you asked Indians on the street what was their favorite color. I could probably Google it and get the answer but it is more fun to at least think about it.

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