Bike, Cow, Courtyard

Bike, Cow, Courtyard



A walk along the back lanes of Calangute.

Another one of my speculative hand held dusk photos where a tripod would have been useful, and though I was a Boy Scout for a few weeks, I was unprepared for that also……

That’s the story of life, I suppose. It’s a pity we can’t have a second go at it.

On reflection we would, no doubt, make a different set of equally frustrating mistakes…..not enough to to knock the Earth off its axis, you understand, but enough to make the ride equally bumpy.

Mistakes: clearly some of us don’t learn from them, otherwise I would always have a tripod at the ready………it’s called living life on the edge……

Some might say it’s being daring.

I’d rather call it arrogant stupidity, and an over reliance on Photoshop’s ability to sharpen a twitchy cow.

It’s funny how one photo taken in near darkness can highlight one’s incompetence.

Nice faded blue walls, though.



8 thoughts on “Bike, Cow, Courtyard

    • A good move….so long as you always carry it with. I think that I have four ‘pods’, if you count mono and mini versions as well…….in fact I must have had the mini beastie with me when I took this photo. I have never used it!

      • Yes, on the never use. Somehow tripods are restrictive. They don’t lend themselves to the spontaneity of photographing on the move. I’ll see how often I use mine. Oh, I too have a mono pod and used it earlier this month at a story telling program. I sat in the audience and used the pod to elevate the camera without, hopefully, disturbing the audience behind me. It worked reasonably well but the ball would not tighten enough to securely hold my camera with the telephoto lens.

  1. I’m sorry but “sharpening a twitchy cow” made me laugh!
    Seriously though, I noticed the courtyard, the worn down earth, the red window frames, the bike, the green roof … excellent!
    You’ve allowed us (at least, me) to see something that I wouldn’t have otherwise … with or without tripod!

    • Hmmm…..that cow was really twitchy. I think that I took five photos of it and in everyone it moved its head each time I pressed the shutter release. Wildlife photography is best avoided……!
      Thanks LB….keep laughing…. 🙂

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