Slack Heugh

Slack Heugh

Slack Heugh is a bay on the south side of Meikle Ross, a small peninsular that projects into the Irish Sea. To the west is Fauldbog Bay, to the east there is Little Ross Island at the mouth of Kirkcudbright Bay, and on the north side is the tidal Ross Bay.

As you can see, the land drops away steeply to the rocks below and the rough pasture is home to mountaineering sheep. Where the animals have congregated the soft ground becomes hard going especially when it’s been wet, and in this part of the world, that’s most of the time. Even so the walk from Ross Bay around the headland heading west towards Brighouse Bay is worth the effort, particularly when the ground is frozen on those bright days in February and March. From here there are good views across Wigtown Bay towards the Machars and beyond to The Isle of Man, about 27 miles to the south.



2 thoughts on “Slack Heugh

  1. I love seeing the geological evidence of the upheaval(s) that brought our world into its present condition. Those vertical plates of rock at the bottom look similar to some mountainous plates in my region, upright rock that we know used to be lying flat in the eons of past time. Provocative photo, John…what a beautiful place is your home.

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