Devorgilla’s Bridge Dumfries

One of the oldest standing bridges in Scotland crosses the River Nith in Dumfries. Devorgilla Bridge or the Old Bridge is named after Devorgilla, Lady of Galloway, the mother of King John Balliol.

All the land to the west of the River Nith traditionally formed part of Galloway, which only truly became part of Scotland during Alexander II’s reign in the 1230s. Dumfries was therefore a frontier town for much of its early history and had grown up on the east side of a ford that provided the lowest crossing point of the River Nith. By 1186 the town was sufficiently well established to be made a Royal Burgh

13 thoughts on “Devorgilla’s Bridge Dumfries

    • Thanks so much Helen.
      If you haven’t yet been to Helen’s blog, please do, and read her post, Guns, What are they good for?….. very thought provoking……. well done Helen

    • I don’t remember from our visits to York…. but old stone bridges are somehow more in harmony with the scale of the architecture, certainly in older towns, and the Nith is quite wide at this point and is always full of water because it stands above the caul, or weir.

  1. Thank you John glad your enjoying the vintage car posts that I am recently putting on my blog, been away from uploading recently due to the new site makeover. I thinks its almost done now though

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