Victorian Street Scene 2: Cross Hotel Kingswinford

Cross Hotel Kingswinford


The Victorian Street Scene publish earlier seems to have drawn a lot of interest, so here is another Black Country view. Once again this photo was probably taken in the 1880s and shows a boy in a sailor suit standing outside the Cross Hotel in Kingswinford.

The neat hand painted signs advertise a wide range of activities including billiards. At the back of the hotel there was also space for a bowling green and quoit ground as well as stabling. The relaxed way in which the boys stand in the ‘horse road’ as my Nan called it, is an interesting reflection on how the world has changed.

Below the main picture can be seen some other views of the same location.


2 thoughts on “Victorian Street Scene 2: Cross Hotel Kingswinford

  1. Fascinating research on Victorian football has brought me to this wonderful website. Before their English FA Cup tie against Small Heath (now Birmingham City) the players of West Bromwich Albion stopped at the Cross Hotel. The date of the match which Albion won 2-1 was on Saturday 2nd February 1895. My source is from the archived Birmingham Daily Post. There is a very good description of the area which was great for Victorian footballer players and Anthony Diamond (boxer) to train.

    • Hi Michael, thanks for your interesting comment. Though I now live in Scotland, my wife and I lived in West Bromwich and Birmingham respectively and this lantern slide was part of a collection purchased in West Bromwich in the 1960s and must date from the period that you refer to.

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