Leek Portrait

Leek Portrait


A picture taken on a recent visit to Leek Market in England.

My image library on WordPress is 99.5% full after 5 years of posting and over 2000 posts and I’m not sure if I will continue when it becomes full. I am tired and perhaps I should break the routine.

I need some fire in my belly, and don’t know where to get the tablets……..


….on reflection, I feel like this guy…



14 thoughts on “Leek Portrait

  1. I enjoy your posts and would like you to continue. Perhaps you can prune some of your images and upload smaller files in future? My free account 85% full after four years.

  2. John, you can’t quit. You’d be missed by too many people – including myself. As Rajiv said, “Where will we find you?” Ianbcross made a good suggestion. I’ve also seen others start a new blog account.

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