By Train

By Train


I took the train to Glasgow recently and was out of sorts with the whole day’s experiences, don’t ask me why! Though I took some photos both on the train and while I was there, somehow I didn’t feel in a jolly mood. Usually I visit Glasgow when friends visit and so I don’t travel alone and perhaps I just felt isolated. In fact I headed back to catch an earlier train home and sat feeling really miserable in the station when I should have been outside toting the camera.

Despite that, this young woman appealed to me as a subject and a close crop brings out her jacket and lovely hair.

Though I was on a train I have classified this picture as street photography because it’s the same approach that I use with street photography. It would probably be more accurate to call it an environmental portrait.




13 thoughts on “By Train

  1. I’ve recently been following your posts, which I have enjoyed. Thank you for taking the time to do them.
    What is your approach to this kind of portraiture? Do you ask the subjects for permission, or do you just shoot?

    • It depends on circumstances. If it is obvious to the subject then I acknowledge them, indicating that I would like to take a photo. In India I invariably ask because they are generally at ease with a camera and will look natural. In this case asking would have compromised the picture. Usually tightly cropped environmental portraits cannot be done successfully without the consent of the individual. There are some coming up in the next few days that fall into that category.
      Thanks for your enquiry.
      Regards, John.

    • Your blog doesn’t seem to allow comments? The nub of your piece on evaluating your impact on student learning is how you monitor that impact without creating additional workload. Maybe it could be subsumed into your assessment responses that create a dialogue between you and the student?

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