Fuffock Panorama

Fuffock Panorama


From the hills to the coast, this is a lovely region, and this is The Stewartry of Dumfries & Galloway. This panorama is a view looking south with Kirkcudbright Bay to the east and in the west is Fleet Bay. The hill to the right is Cairntosh with its scheduled ancient monuments and the low hill on the left is Knockendurrick. These hills lie on the boundary of the Galloway Forest Park and there’s talk of the region becoming a national park. The area relies very much on tourism, yet there are plans to build a wind farm immediately in front of Fuffock hill on which we stand. The turbines would stand 115 metres and show above the hill tops as well as being visible right across a landscape already scheduled as a National Scenic Area. Saving the planet shouldn’t mean damaging it at the same time.



2 thoughts on “Fuffock Panorama

  1. Such beautiful country you live in. You know of my love for Scotland. When we visited in 2014 we noted wind turbines out in the ocean outside of Amsterdam, where we had to transfer to a plane for Edinburgh. Throughout our tour wind turbines were dotted along the landscape. We were told some farms have one wind turbine that provides enough energy to run it. In Thurso they were dismantling an old, rusty nuclear plant on one side of the road and on the other rows upon rows of wind turbines were on the hill taking over its duty. I have a love/hate relationship with wind turbines. It’s clean energy but they do alter landscapes. Oh, and out in the midwest of the USA, in Kansas, there were miles and miles and miles of them. This is becoming a novella so I’ll stop!

  2. I’m not a Luddite, honest, and always complain about people not being accepting of change, but these wind machines are very intrusive and can destroy the scale of the landscape, especially the small scale and intimate type that we have near the coast. They are best placed in monotonous moorland or out at sea as you mentioned. I do hope that tidal schemes can be developed, and machines that use the energy of the waves also.
    Thanks Debi.

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