Kirkcudbright Colours

Kirkcudbright Colours


Winter sunlight and a blue sky bring out the colours along the High Street in my home town in SW Scotland. On the left is the old Sheriff’s Court building. Turn left into Castle Street towards the centre of the town, or carry straight on to Barr Hill woods where you’ll be sure of a big surprise, though it’s unlikely to be a teddybears picnic, more likely a red squirrel or even a pudu at the Galloway Wildlife Conservation Park.

The town name is pronounced Ker-coo-bree.



9 thoughts on “Kirkcudbright Colours

    • There may have been a view looking the other way, Scott., or a panorama….not sure, will have to check.
      Thanks again.

      Yes, just checked. Search for High Street….there were two different views.

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