Steam Shed 1967

Well, well, well……………….something completely different………and something I prepared earlier…….. a lot earlier.

Yes, it is one of my photographs, and no, it wasn’t taken in the nineteenth century. As the header suggests, it was taken in 1967. Steam finished in the UK in 1968 and this view was taken at the engine sheds at Stoke-on-Trent, England in 1967 when steam was spiralling into oblivion. I was very interested to see some pictures taken in China by Mark  which show some interesting more recent views of old steam locomotives, and I thought it was appropriate to follow suit. This was what occupied my youthful years…..



9 thoughts on “Steam Shed 1967

    • …….now Helen, there’s no way that you remember steam days which disappeared from Swindon in the mid 60’s…… err, perhaps you shouldn’t answer that………… 🙂
      ….actually, I went around the works at Swindon in 1959 when they were servicing steam and building the diesel hydraulics……… wonderful.

  1. A very evocative shot of an atmosheric shed in its final year, but I can the engine on the left is in steam and a train moving is on the Biddulph Valley line in the centre distance so there must have been quite a lot going on while you ere there. Did you take any more pictures there? I’m sure the distinctive Roundhouse (directly behind you) must have caought your eye too.
    Thanks for posting,

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