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Hogging the Picture

Pushkar Panorama


First sight of Jaipur

Driving to Jaipur

Follow the Path

Follow the Path

In the Shadow of the Amber Palace

In the Shadow of the Amber Palace

Sangam Boats

Sangam Boats

Fatepur Portrait 10

Fatepur Portrait 10

Agra Street Scene 5b

Agra Panoramas

Agra Street Portrait 16b

Some of my favourite 2015 Colour Images

Rameshwar: Uttar Pradesh

Domestic Chores

Along the Ganges

Manikarnika Ghat

Sunrise on the Ganges

Ganges Moorings

Happy Christmas

Nightfall on the Ganges


Vintage Varanasi

Ganges Dawn Light 2

Varanasi Panorama

Ganges Dawn Light 1

4.35am on the Ganges

Hanging on at Phulpur

Approaching Janghai Junction

At the Crossing

Taj People 8 : and the Architecture

Taj People 4 : A Group of Guys