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Bathing the Baby

My Grandson

A Shy Girl

In the Mirror

Some Favourite 2015 Monochromes

Listen to Grandma

Three at Rameshwar

Village Elder

Hair Care

Hair Care

Along the Ganges

Hold up in Varanasi

Sunrise on the Ganges


Vintage Varanasi

Approaching Janghai Junction

At the Crossing

Fatepur Portraits 7b : Monochrome Girl

Fatepur Portraits 5 : Architectural Study

Fatepur Portrait 6 : Daily Devotions

Agra Portraits 1 : Kids at Play

Sweethearts at Sweetheart Abbey

Skeletal Sentinel

Taj People 9 : Family Group

Taj People 3 : Brothers


More Moody… !


Mountain View

When we were kids….

All that Jazz