The weather in Scotland is definitely getting to be more spring like so I thought I would post this colourful picture of anemones: one of my all time favourite flowers.



Fruit & Veg…..

Fruit & Veg...


A clear indication here that fruit and vegetables keep you happy. A street portrait taken in Leek market square, Staffordshire, England.



Two Hot Chocolates?


The café at Foxlowe Arts Centre in Leek, Staffordshire, and we are about to be served with our drinks by the charming volunteers that run this excellent arts centre…..



Tree Struggles



On the edge of the wild wood, and the trees are having a knees up…..



At Knockbrex Viewpoint



Ava and Ethan together with my wife and Toby the dog sit in the sunshine overlooking the Irish Sea at Knockbrex viewpoint.



Leek Portrait

Leek Portrait


A picture taken on a recent visit to Leek Market in England.

My image library on WordPress is 99.5% full after 5 years of posting and over 2000 posts and I’m not sure if I will continue when it becomes full. I am tired and perhaps I should break the routine.

I need some fire in my belly, and don’t know where to get the tablets……..


….on reflection, I feel like this guy…



Springtime on St Mary’s Isle

Springtime on St Mary's Isle


Spring, so they say, is just around the corner, and it’s true that the daffodils are now flowering in the garden, so they must be in bloom along St Mary’s Isle, though I haven’t been there this month……I’ve been somewhat sick, staring at the wall with brain in a jumble and stomach in a rumble ……and I now think I know what the end times feel like….



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