Some Favourite 2016 Images: Street Photography


Street photography is risk taking but it gives me so much pleasure when I have the courage to capture street scenes. These are all from India where most people are open to visitors with a camera.

This set of 12 photos is a selection of some of my favourite street photography of 2016.



24 thoughts on “Some Favourite 2016 Images: Street Photography

    • Hi Ian, thanks for your comment, yes, I try to exhibit my work regularly, though my next show will probably not be until August 2018. I enter my work into competitions and have had some success, but as we all know galleries tend to go for ideas rather than for aesthetic considerations which makes it difficult to move with pictorialism even with a social documentary bias.
      Regards, John.

      • All the best for 2017. I look forward to seeing your photos, especially the ones from India where I’m working. Unfortunately I am working here so I can only use my camera or phone at weekends. The job is in Delhi, but I’m visiting a project in Manipur this week.

        • Thanks again Ian, I enjoyed a brief visit to your blog and wondered whether you do any short story writing? I play around with creative writing though not something I would want to post here! I have some tentative thoughts about visiting India again this year though that’s dependant on friend’s intentions to some extent. On my last visit to Delhi I didn’t really get the best out of the place, perhaps I need to explore the back streets a little more.

  1. The Hindi lettering in your photograph Street Colours in Udaipur advertises the shop as photo-state (photostat) and lamination. It adds another dimension to the picture.

    • Thank you, thank you, my ignorance accompanies me always on my travels, though in India one might need the knowledge of dozens of languages. Fortunately, even in tiny villages, children come up to you speaking excellent English.
      Regards, John

      • John aren’t we all accompanied by ignorance on our travels? The joy of discovery rests in the spaces between our collective ignorance. I am happy to translate anytime.

        • That’s great, learning a language is bad enough but understanding a new script is the pits! Nice to hear a philosophical viewpoint……spaces between our collective ignorance is a phrase to savour!

  2. Why are you covering only messy parts of market ,poor people ,or the mismanagment in the shops , don’t you see anything other than poverty in India ,there are many other beautiful places too ,which you can show . The culture and traditions of India,beautiful dresses ,palaces, temples, but you are only showing people living in bad conditions or poor kids photo.

    • Hello my friend, and thanks for taking time to speak from your heart. I would like to respond to your concerns. First of all you ask why I don’t photograph beauty. Your perception of beauty we might discuss at length and though I might agree about the things that you list, you seem to miss out the thing that I find beautiful, and that is the people. Where you see poverty, I see beauty, where you see poor people, I see those who are worthy of having their photo taken because there too I see beauty. I saw no mismanagement in the shops, I saw things of interest and worth recording. The strength of any country is in its people and in almost every corner of India I have been met with unfailing kindness and generosity, but with one exception. I have found that a few more affluent people show a disregard for the lower classes and for their country, they throw rubbish out of train windows and speak disparagingly about the less fortunate. The people who live in bad conditions; the poor kids, are just as worthy of my attentions as those who are clean and well off. My aim is to capture the world as I see it. Showing my photos to friends certainly doesn’t encourage them to visit your wonderful country because they too see only poverty and that shocks some. On the other hand I have brought friends with me to India and as a consequence, they can’t wait to return. Finally, my blog is about photography and though it includes many pictures of India, it is not intended to be a travelogue. However, I do love your country and the many beautiful places, many of which I have visited, so if you explore my blog you will find those places too.
      Regards, John.

  3. Great images! I love street photography too. I find some days I am braver than others lol. I think I feel braver when I am not near my home town, I find London amazing for street photography. I love your blog and will look forward to following, although I understand that you may be moving as your picture space is nearly full? Forgive me if I sound daft, I am new to bogging and only just started out so have lots to learn.

    • Hello Karen, and thanks for your lovely comment and thoughts. Yes, we all have to start somewhere and I still struggle sometimes to find my way around when setting up a new theme. Keep at it and you will find many rewards!
      Regards, John.

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