Some Favourite 2016 Images: Townscapes


This is a selection of some of my favourite town scenes that were posted here during 2016. Please let me know if there are any here that you particularly like, or indeed, if I have left any out.

I shall be showing further selections including Portraits, Monochromes, Landscapes and Street Photography. It’s quite difficult to make these selections but doing so does help me to determine where I have been successful or not!



15 thoughts on “Some Favourite 2016 Images: Townscapes

  1. You are one of my favorite urban photographers, my dear. I couldn’t anymore chose a favorite image of yours than I could favor one child over another. Carry on, my friend. I look forward to revisiting your fabulous works!

        • Thank you very muchly…..but without encouragement, and in the dark, depressing days of winter, I would so easily give up….in fact, as of today, I would love to go and spend my days in Kerala looking out across the backwaters…..without a camera…..I have to break the habit somehow….

          • I feel like that from time to time. Maybe we all do. Winter is often a time of repite from shooting for me but it’s a habit I just can’t break. If anything, I chase the light and shade more-so in winter than any other time if year, purely because we have less of it. A challenge for myself I guess. That, and the total pig headed refusal to let shorter days get the better of the creative in me. But I do here you.. sometimes it’s nice to not have the camera. Or the self induced pressure to create. But then, just because the camera is there, doesn’t mean you have to pick it up. But if the moment comes when you need it.. that’s the joy. As for encouragement, if that’s what you need sometimes, you have it. These images are stunning. Imagine a world where they didn’t exist just the way you portray them. It wouldn’t affect many.. except you. And those of us who know what you can create. No smoke.. when you make a frame, it counts. Keep going..

            • Thanks for articulating how you manage your own creative urges…..’imagine a world where they didn’t exist ‘ you wrote…. that really struck home to me…..really made me stop and think….and that doesn’t happen too often in this context……my sincere thanks for your empathy.
              Best regards

            • John, you’re welcome. I guess we’re all on the same side so we know how it feels sometimes. Best.. R.

  2. Stunning. I love the chance to visit vicariously through your work as I wait for the opportunity to visit in person…you truly capture a sense of place and the vibrancy of the culture.

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