Autumn in Barrhill Woods

Autumn in Barrhill Woods


I should get out each day to capture the seasonal changes but the weather has been very dark, and with what seems like weeks of dense overcast skies,  I have found no joy in it so I have to fall back on the fall.

The Autumn of 2016 here was one of the most colourful ones I can ever remember in south west Scotland with the trees turning gradually with the most beautiful colours of orange and gold. Normally they go a sad and lifeless dingy brown which is sufficient to deter me from going out with the camera.

This picture was taken in Barrhill Woods that stands on a low hill behind the town.



4 thoughts on “Autumn in Barrhill Woods

  1. As beautiful as Autumn tends to be, I have always been so deeply comforted by the dark skies of winter. The haze and fog and cold weather is so immensely comforting to me. As the world gets covered in white I feel lost and dizzy and the anticipation of life coming back in the soil in a mere few months excites me. The cold is so rewarding to me because amidst the cold, you really feel warmth. You don’t feel warm as intensely when it is already warm, but in the winter, the glow of a fireplace or the heat steaming from a mug is one of the most dizzyingly satisfying pleasures that have ever come about from weather. Thankfully, with each season comes a new pleasant experience.

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