Kochi Workshop

Kochi Workshop


This was a day that I spent in the company of a jolly auto driver called Najeeb PH and we tore around Kochi in his ‘Tuk Tuk Ferrari’ KL-7 U 1252.

He gave me his business card which I have in front of me now. On the back it says ‘Sight Scene’, which was no mistake as we saw some scenes that were quite a sight! His list of possible destinations include, Chinese Fishnets ✅ St Francis Church ✅ Ginger Warehouse ✅, and more, but I asked him if he would take me ‘somewhere different’

We ended up at a laundry, some engineering workshops, the market and several motor repair shops. That’s where this photo was taken. If you want to experience a different side of Kochi, which is a great place to visit, look out for Najeeb and his Tuk Tuk Ferrari.



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