Shopping in Pushkar

Shopping in Pushkar


A street scene on the outskirts of Pushkar, Rajasthan, India where a vegetable seller jokes with a smiling customer.





14 thoughts on “Shopping in Pushkar

  1. Wonderful photo John. We spent ten days in Pushkar a few years ago for the camel festival. My sister is there right now, and goes there frequently, photographing the Kalabelia people. It’s an amazing place.

      • If you boil it it becomes quite slimmy. Frying it with bread crumbs and spices it is quite good. Occasionally my wife uses the boiled version of okra for making handmade paper. It’s added to the water/pulp mixture to allow for multiple dips of the screen. It is an Asian method of making paper. This is information that you just had to know. Right?

        • Right….I think…..and you are a mine of information Tim….and introducing me to a vegetable that I have not seen outside India…..though perhaps I’m not very observant, so will scrutinise the veggie section tomorrow while we are shopping.
          Now I know about it, I will challenge my sister when I phone her later…..but knowing my sister, she’s probably used it as a chest rub…..

          • Funny endeavors your sister seems to have. If true, my wife will have to add it to her stories of okra.
            You may have a challenge finding it this time of year in the Northern hemisphere. It is grown in hot weather. The reason my wife knows about it is that she was born and reared in Alabama.

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