Smoking in Dublin

Smoking in Dublin


I live in a small town and when I visit big cities it always surprises me how many people I see that are still smoking cigarettes. It was the same when I visited Glasgow last week, in fact following others down the street who were smoking, frequently caused me to stop until the air was clear again.

Two separate scenes in this picture, but actually just one photo despite the appearance of completely different spaces and perspective.



5 thoughts on “Smoking in Dublin

  1. The split frame effect is effective. On one hand the post splits the photo -on the other, it joins the two halves.

    I spent a few days in Florence the week before last and I was struck by how much the locals were smoking, most unpleasant when you’re no longer used to it. I found myself breathing shallow on more than one occasion, to limit may intake

    • Hmmm, I used to smoke when I was young and didn’t know any better…..part of the posing of youth…. so I shouldn’t get irritated when I have to avoid the smokers, but then they all know the facts…..
      Thanks Stephen, I hope you enjoyed your visit to Florence….a lovely place.

  2. An interesting photo, I like the way it looks like two photos, but is one. I also spent a day in Florence the week before last and as Stephen says, it was amazing how many people were smoking. Also in Venice, Zurich and Munich, more so than here. As an ex smoker of 40 a day, I hate the smell of smoke and I could have done with one of the masks we saw the Japanese use 🙂

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